Chipmypet's implanter will bring your smart pet scanner to your first appointment.

This small Bluetooth device is free of charge and is yours to keep.

Even if they are identical or have no collars on.

The Smart Petscanner will help you register your pups correctly.

You can even use the scanner on lost and found pets to identify their correct owners.


Compatible with all iPhone's and Android devices which support Bluetooth. 

Our implanter will help you set up the device.

Scans all microchips

Scans all worldwide standards for Pet microchips.


Energy Efficient

Powered by a 9V battery (supplied).

Automatically turns itself off after 1 minute to concerve power.

A battery will power approximately 1000 scans.

Pocket Sized

The Smart Petscanner is fantastically lightweight and pocket sized.

Measuring just 2.5cm x 6cm x 10cm.

If you have any questions please get in touch via our social media.

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