This is our short guide for Chipmypet customers to help you better understand the microchip process.  After reading if you have any questions, please get in touch via our social media.

You will need to read this guide before your appointment and may want to refer back to it later.  

Before booking

  • Chipmypet only microchip whole litters, still with the breeder and under 8 weeks old.

  • We recommend arranging your appointment as soon as possible, as we tend to get fully booked  in advance.

  • Chipmypet recommend microchipping your litter around 6 weeks old.

  • Your litter must not already have microchips and must be in a good and healthy condition.


  • No payments are taken until your appointment.

  • Payment is made directly to your implanter at the appointment, before implantation begins.

  • Payment can be made in cash only, please have the correct amount ready as our implanters do not carry change.

At your appointment

  • Your appointment should take less than 5 minutes per pup, although the implant itself will only take a few seconds.

  • Any animals not being microchipped will need be secure in another room.

  • Our implanters will need to stand while carrying out the procedure on your pups, so you'll need a table or kitchen worktop the pup can be placed on for the procedure.

  • The procedure is very simple and similar to an injection.  The pups will feel a small discomfort and may yelp, however they will have forgotten about it a few seconds later.

  • You will be required to hold the pup's head and body still, don't worry it's easy our implanters will show you how.  

  • If you feel you cannot do this please make sure another responsible adult (aged 18+) is at the appointment.

After your appointment

  • After implantation, you will not notice generally any difference in your pups.

  • Your pups need to take it easy for the first 48 hours after the appointment, some aftercare is required:

    • Do not wash or bathe your pups.

    • Do not use flea treatments, collars, etc.

    • Do not put your pup in clothes or harnesses.

    • Do not stroke or rub the implant area.

    • Do not squeeze the implant area.

    • Do not try to remove the microchip.


  • The pups cannot be vaccinated on the same day or before your microchip appointment. 

  • Due to the nature of vaccinations, they must be done by a vet in a vet surgery and cannot be done in your home.

Registering the pups

You will need a smartphone, tablet or device to register your pups. 

(If you do not have one of these, please get in touch via our social media for help, before booking)

Before your appointment please download the free Petscanner app from your app store and create a free breeder account for yourself. 

(If you cannot do this, please get in touch via our social media for help, before booking)

Chipmypet's implanter will bring your smart pet scanner to your first appointment.

This small Bluetooth device is free of charge and is yours to keep.

Your implanter will show you how to use it and answer all questions.

For more detailed information regarding the scanner please click here.

Once our team has implanted the microchip, you will scan the microchip and register it to your Petscanner account (free of charge).

You will need your smartphone, tablet or device and be able to connect to the internet during the appointment.  

(If you cannot do this, please get in touch via our social media for help, before booking)

Transferring ownership to the new owners

  • Before collection day, please inform your puppy buyers they need to download the Petscanner app on their smart device and create a free Petscanner account.  This will save you time.

  • On collection, both you and the new owners will need your smartphones, tablets or devices and be able to connect to the internet.

  • As the breeder, you will select the pup on your app and select the rehome option.

  • The new owner will enter the pups microchip number, preferably by scanning the barcode provided on their device.

  • New owners will pay £2.99 to register the microchip at this moment. 

  • This payment verifies the new owners identity.

  • This includes FREE Petscanner pet protection for 3 months.

  • The pup will now transfer from the breeders account to the new owners.

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  • As an incentive to make sure all your pups are registered to correctly to new owners, Chipmypet gives you back more than the registration fee paid by the new owners.

  • Once all of your litter is correctly registered to new owners, our system will create a 20% MONEYBACK voucher, redeemable at your next appointment, reducing the price by 20%.


  • If you need to change or cancel your appointment please let us know as soon as possible.

  • You may cancel or amend your appointment up to 24 hours before your appointment without any charge. 

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